* Respect in the Canadian Armed Forces RitCAF is a new workshop available to CAF members as part of Operation Honour

RitCAF is a new workshop available to CAF members as part of Operation Honour.
* RitCAF is interactive and intended to promote respect in the CAF through awareness and understanding, to empower CAF members to take a stand against sexual misconduct and to support victims. Three modules are covered: The nature and magnitude of sexual misconduct in the CAF; Bystander Intervention; and Victim Support.
  • This course is currently offered to military members



To register for RitCAF for your unit, please contact 250-363-5621 directly.
This one day course run 8:30 am to 16:00
fall dates:
Sept 24

Oct 2, Oct 8, Oct 15, Oct 22, Oct 29

Nov 6, Nov 13, Nov 19, Nov 21, Nov 26

Dec 4, Dec 9, Dec 11, Dec 17