2019 PSP Guitar Lessons

2019 PSP Guitar Lessons Beginner to Intermediate

Are you a beginner or want to advance your skills? These guitar lessons are designed to either introduce you to the instrument or to further your fretboard mastery. All ages welcome and don’t worry if you don’t have a guitar there will be one available for students. The lessons are one-on-one, tailored to the individuals and will have the student’s goals as primary focus. The lesson includes 4 consecutive weekly sessions of 30 minutes.
Instructor: LS Dany Nadeau
About the instructor: LS Dany Nadeau has been playing guitar for the last 12 years and has received music theory lessons for 2 years. He has been playing mostly rock and metal music interspersed with acoustic and classical music. For 3 years, he was the music writer and lead guitar player in a local rock band.
Location: CPAC
(30 minute sessions booked on a first come first serve basis)
Cost $5 Regular / $8 Ordinary/ $10 Associate
(cost includes all 4 sessions)

Mar 12 - Apr 2
5:00-5:30pm  W19REC412
5:30-6:00pm  W19REC413
6:00-6:30pm  W19REC414
6:30-7:00pm  W19REC415
7:00-7:30pm  W19REC416
7:30-8:00pm  W19REC417

Register by contacting PSP Recreation at 250-363-1009 or by stopping into the Colwood Pacific Activity Centre (CPAC) or Naden Athletic Centre Kiosks.
SAVE TIME and MONEY by registering ONLINE at