Satellite gym - D22 Pump-up your workout

Our satellite gym in Dockyard building D22 inspires hard work and functional training with:

A heart-pumping hour is yours with a class (like our Fleet Fitness Hour) in our open-concept aerobic area.

With treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent and spin bikes, and rowers at your fingertips, getting a great cardio burn is easy!

Build muscle, tone, or maximize your strength and longevity with a wide assortment of free weights and Paramount machines. New to weight training? Ask any of our Fitness Team for an orientation to proper weight use and form.

Outdoor Fields and Courts 
Breathe fresh air into your activities at our outdoor soccer field and tennis court - or ask a member of our Fitness Team to recommend a running route to improve your endurance and stamina.

Change Rooms
Stash your stuff, and freshen up after a satisfying workout with our showers, and rented or day locker services.

Add challenge, relaxation, or a new twist to your workout just by using our: mats, resistence and balance balls, free weights and kettlebells, resistance bands, skipping ropes, spin bikes, sports equipment, steps and plyo-boxes.

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