Aerobic Award of Excellance

Aerobic Award of Excellance

Looking for motivation to get healthy, keep a regular routine of exercise, and/or get rewarded for it?
Come sign up for the CF Aerobic Award of Excellence!
What is the Aerobic Award of Excellence (AAE)?
The AAE is an award to recognize CF members demonstrating an exceptional level of commitment to developing their own personal level of aerobic fitness.
Who can register for it?
All CAF members can register. Once members accumulate 2000 units through various aerobic activities, you may apply for a certificate and a seal.
What activities qualify and what is a ‘unit’ equivalent to?
Any one or combination of activities listed in paragraph 12 of the December 2006 policy:
Qualifying units may be earned as follows:
                                                   Performance Standard                     Value
Swimming                                                400 meters                                          1 unit
Jogging                                                    1 kilometer                                          1 unit
Snowshoeing                                           1.5 kilometers                                      1 unit
Cross-country Skiing                                1.5 kilometers                                    1 unit
Skating (ice and roller)                             1.5 kilometers                                    1 unit
Ski Machine                                              7 minutes                                           1 unit
Elliptical                                                    7 minutes                                           1 unit
Skating(roller or ice)                                 1.5 km/7 minutes                              1unit              
Walking                                                     3 kilometers                                      1 unit
Aerobic classes                                         10 minutes                                        1 unit
Cycling/Stationary cycling (Spin)              3 kilometers                                       1 unit
Spin Class                                                7 minutes                                           1 unit
Rowing (canoeing/ kayaking)                  500 meters or 7 minutes                     1 unit
Stationary rowing                                    500 meters or 7 minute                       1 unit
Cross-country skiing machine                  1.5 kilometers                                     1 unit
Stair climbing                                            7 minutes                                            1 unit
Rope skipping                                           7 minutes                                            1 unit
Martial arts                                                7 minutes                                            1 unit
How long do I have to complete my 2000 units?
The 2000 units required for each seal must be completed within a 2-year period (eg. 30 Sept 2019 – 29 Sept 2020)
Can I get more than one seal or award?
Yes, you can earn up to 6 seals (12,000 units) per level and there are 7 levels to be achieved.  In other words, you can earn up to 7 certificates with 6 different coloured seals on each certificate totalling 84,000 units.
How do I get started?
Start tracking your activity. Once you have 2000 units accumulated, visit the Dockyard gym to fill out your registration form and drop off your tracking sheets.
Can I do these activities outside of the gym?
Yes, you can do them at the gym, on the streets, in the park, on the trails, lake, or wherever you choose.  Just make sure you remember to log your activities!
Still have questions?
 You may direct any questions or concerns to PSP Fitness and Sports Instructors at 250-3633-4495.
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