FORCE Evaluation


FORCE Evaluation Fitness is an essential component of operational effectiveness in the military

FORCE Evaluations are being conducted for anyone with an expired test, due to COVID-19 protocols, priority will be given to those deploying and those who have been expired for longer than 6 months and for recruiting purposes, please call 250-363-4485 if you have questions.  

PSP Esquimalt implements mandated FORCE Evaluation training and assessment to ensure that Military Personnel maintain peak physical conditioning – in a manner strictly required by the Chief of Defence Staff and the Defence Management Committee.

All tests must be pre-booked by CAF Unit Coordinators via the online FORCE booking site
DROP INS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED - All COVID-19 Protocols must be adhered to while in the facility. 

Please contact PSP Fitness Coordinator at 250-363-4495 or PSP Fitness and Sports Instructors at 250-363-4412 or 250-363-4485 to gain access to the online booking site. Once given access, the CAF Unit FORCE Coordinator can book Members from each of their Units for the FORCE Evaluation.
When possible, please allow more than 24 hours notice for cancellations and changes to FORCE bookings.

FORCE Evaluation Testing Schedule
Updated 16 Feb 2021

Naden Athletic Centre
Monday to Friday - 0800-0930 & 0930-1100
*Please note this schedule is subject to change due to weekly operational requirements*

Get FORCE Ready FORCE Training Resources
Being prepared for your FORCE test is crucial. Effective physical training maintains your ability to work successfully and get the most out of life!

Join a group development class to have fun getting fit with others.

Get a personalized exercise prescription right now with the Canadian Forces interactive online tool

Schedule one-on-one individualized training or group training with your Unit to tackle your individual and group challenges. Please contact PSP Fitness Coordinator at 250-363-4495 for more information on receiving FREE one on one Personal training for Military Members and opportunities for Unit PT at the Naden Athletic Centre (N88) at CFB Esquimalt. Due to COVID-19 restrictions effective 14 Dec 2021 only low intensity group fitness classes can be offered.  There are currently no group classes being offered at Dockyard (D22). 

FORCE Training Tips
Physical injuries can happen when you least expect, and can be quite serious. Don't compromise your ability to stay active. Use the PSP Fitness Team's tips to sensible training and you will be equipped to avoid injury, and maintain your fitness regime.

Warm-up your body.
Ease into each workout with gentle, specific movements. Preparing your muscles for the hard work ahead can reduce your risk of injury.
Example: Start your run with a slow jog, then incorporate dynamic stretches to actively warm up the muscles (try to avoid long hold/static stretches before your workout). 

Vary your training and be challenged by interesting workouts by trying:
Aerobic (cardiovascular) exercise that engages your lungs, heart, and blood vessels to move oxygen and create energy. Try out the FITT Principle: three to five days of weekly exercise (frequency); increasing exertion level (intensity); workout for at least 20 minutes (time) plus warm-up and cool-down; vary your mode of activity (type).

Anaerobic training (without oxygen) that shocks your muscles in intense physical activities, like sprinting or weight training.

Flexibility movements that move your muscles and joints through their full range.

For muscular strength and endurance focus on generating force in a particular movement. Try incorporating the overload principle to see improvement! Use your last repetition to guide your overload weight. Your last of 12 repetitions should be difficult to perform with correct posture. Progression should be seen after 3-6 weeks of consistent training. 
Increase weight or number of reps as needed.Cool-down to finish each workout.

Use slow movements, like walking or light jogging to return your heart rate to a resting level. Immeadiately follow with specific stretches for the muscles you used. Your cool-down is essential to avoiding unnecessary soreness.

Dress for success.
Don't let your workout gear get you down.
Choose comfortable clothing that will breathe and allow movement.
Experiment with layering your gear for your warm-up and cool-down.
Footwear is key! Sneakers designed specifically for the activities you participate in provide the right cushioning, heel, and arch support to prevent injury.

Test-day Preparation
Take note of your pre-FORCE-test protocol and responsibilities:

Members are responsible to report on time on test day to the Naden Athletic Centre Gymnasium. Testing starts at 0800 hrs or 0930hrs. Your Unit Coordinator will inform you of your timing for the evaluation. Cancellations must be directed through your CAF Unit  Coordinator.

Comfortable exercise apparel should be worn for the evaluation (e.g. shorts and T-shirt, or tracksuit). Running shoes or cross trainers are the recommended footwear and should be clean and in serviceable condition. Outdoor hiking style shoes/boots are not acceptable footwear for testing and individuals wearing these will not be evaluated.

Food and Beverages
For best results, avoid a heavy meal in the two-hour period before the evaluation. Refrain from drinking coffee for two hours before the evaluation and alcoholic beverages for six hours before the evaluation. Consumption of water before, during and after the fitness evaluation is encouraged.

Do not smoke in the two-hour period before your fitness evaluation.

Physical Activity
Avoid any strenuous physical activity for six hours before your evaluation.

NOTE: Failure to adhere to any of the above conditions may have a negative effect on your test results or prevent you from being evaluated at this time.

About the FORCE Test
On April 1, 2013, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) began implementing the updated approach to military fitness: the FORCE program.

The new program has two key components: the new fitness test, called the FORCE Evaluation; and the FORCE Exercise Prescription, the operational fitness training system, which is available at

The acronym “FORCE” stands for “Fitness for Operational Requirements of Canadian Armed Forces Employment”. The FORCE Program is the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) fitness program. The FORCE Evaluation on its own is not a physical fitness test. It is a measure of operational fitness – a reflection of the CAF minimal physical employment standard related to common defence and security duties known as the Universality of Service principle. Some trades within the CAF require higher levels of fitness or operational readiness, but the minimum standards for the FORCE Evaluation are meant to reflect the baseline  CAF physical employment standard that everyone must meet. The FORCE Evaluation is designed to capture the movement patterns, energy systems, and muscle groups recruited in the performance of common military duties. Common duties include tasks that anyone within the CAF could be called upon to perform regardless of environment, age, gender, rank or occupation, and are represented by an evaluation known as the Common Military Task Fitness Evaluation (CMTFE).

The CMTFE includes the following tasks:
a. Escape to Cover
b. Vehicle Extrication
c. Picking and Digging
d. Stretcher Carry
e. Sandbag Fortification
f. Pickets and Wire Carry

The scientific relationship between the CMTFE and the FORCE Evaluation allows the performance and standards of the six common military tasks of the CMTFE to be reflected by the four tasks of the FORCE Evaluation. In order to include an assessment of “general physical fitness” (related to health rather than being a predictor of physical job performance) a measure of waist circumference and an estimation of cardio-respiratory fitness have been added to the FORCE Evaluation. These measures of operational fitness and health-related fitness are collectively known as the FORCE Fitness Profile.

1. Members: Request your FORCE Evaluation with your CAF Unit Coordinator.

2. CAF Unit FORCE Coordinators: Please contact PSP Fitness Coordinator at 250-363-4495 or PSP Fitness and Sports Instructors at 250-363-4412 or 250-363-4485  to gain access to the online booking site