Unit Liaison Program

Unit Liaison Program Help spread understanding about PSP

The PSP Fitness and Sports Instructors have been working hard to create an outline for a Unit Liaison Program as a way of better serving each of our Regular Force and Reserve Units within the CFB Esquimalt area. 

We have recognized that up until this time, there has been a bit of a disconnect locally between our services to all Units, and this is something that we want to address and fix moving ahead. 

We have started to launch this connection, and will continue to reach out to Units; our hope is that we can create a solid link between PSP and the members of CFB Esquimalt, allowing us to better serve our members and aid in:
  • educating newly appointed FORCE Evaluation Coordinators as to their roles and responsibilities with booking members,
  • passing along of pertinent programming and event information, and
  • the creation of Unit-level Fitness and Wellness planning,
 Please review the provided document and consider it a Basic Recourse for yourself and your Unit.  If there are any specific questions about the Program, or if you are looking to find out who your PSP Representative is, please contact the Fitness Coordinator at 250-363-4495.

Click here for the full manual!