Community Resource List

Community Resource List


Contacts & Call numbers Find the help you need


Ambulance, Fire, Police: 9-1-1
Annie’s Place Transition House (Sooke): 250-480-5461 (Pager)
Craig Transition House: 250-479-3963 (24h)
Distress Line: 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433) (24h)
Greater Victoria Police Victim Services:  250-995-7351
Military Police (MP):  250-363-4032
Poison Control Centre: 1-800-567-8911 (24h)
VI Crisis Line: 1-888-494-3888
Victim Link BC: 1-800-563-0808 (24h)
Victoria Women’s Transition House:  250-385-6611 (24h)
Women’s Sexual Assault Centre: 250-383-3232 (24h)

Abuse/Violence General

Men’s Trauma Centre: Psychological, legal & practical support to males (16yrs+) who suffer from the effects of abuse, assault, &/or exploitation. 250-381-6367
Pacific Centre Family Services: Counselling for those who have experienced abuse in an intimate relationship &/or who were sexually abused as children. 250-478-8357 or 1-866-478-8357
Spousal Assault Victim Support: Crisis/non-crisis support & info for victims of relationship violence. 250-356-1201 or Westshore 250-391-2864
Victoria Sexual Assault Centre: Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) for men and women (13yrs+) who have been assaulted within 7 days, sexual assault/ abuse crisis & info line, specialized victims’ services, counselling. 250-383-3232
Victoria Women in Need Community Cooperative (WIN): 250-480-4006

Abuse/Violence – Transition Houses

Annie’s Place Transition House (Sooke): 250-642-2591
Cridge Centre for the Family: Transitional housing, self-development programs, counselling, groups for women & children. 250-384-8058
Victoria Women’s Transition House: Support, counselling, advocacy & education for women in abusive relationships and children that witness abuse. 250-385-6611 (24h crisis line). Office: 250-592-2927

Language Services

Inter-Cultural Association: 250-388-4728
La Société Francophone de Victoria: Répondre à des besoins dans le domaine de la culture, du marché du travail, et de l’information en général. Vous mettons en contact avec les autres membres de notre communauté. 250-388-7350 ou 1-888-388-7350
Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Society: 250-361-9433

Separation & Divorce

1 up/ Single Parent Resource Centre: Support & skills training for single parents. 250-385-1114
Family Services of Greater Victoria: Info for parents adjusting to family separation &/or divorce. 250-386-4331


Family Caregivers’ Network Society: Informs, supports, & educates on issues of concern to family caregivers of adults. 250-384-0408
Service BC (for Seniors): Info regarding BC government programs & services to assist BC seniors. 1-866-215-4700

Children & Youth

Child & Youth Mental Health: Assessment, treatment & consultation services for mental, emotional or behavioural problems. Victoria: 250-356-1123. Westshore: 250-391-2223
Helpline for Children: To report abuse & neglect. 310-1234 (24h)
Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868
Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter: Support & emergency short-term shelter for youth age 13-18. 250-386-8282
Project Alive: Support for children & youth at risk for suicide. 250-952-5073
Victoria Youth Clinic: Free health care for youth (12-24yrs). 250-383-3552


Law Centre: Advice, assistance & representation for clients who can’t afford a lawyer. 250-385-1221
Legal Services Society: Free legal aid & advice to qualifying BC residents. 1-866-577-2525
Victim Services (Victoria Police): Support, assistance, info & referrals for victims of crime. 250-995-7351
Victoria Justice Access Centre: Assists families with child custody, access, guardianship, & child/spousal support in case of divorce. 250-356-7012
Victoria Legal Aid: Free legal advice. 250-388-4513


Addictions Outpatient Treatment: Support & education groups, counselling, day treatment, assessment, referrals & consultations with physicians. 250-519-3544
Alcoholics Anon. Support Line: Support groups for those who have a desire to stop drinking. 250-383-7744
BC Alcohol & Drug Info & Referral Service: Info & referrals for alcohol & drug use and misuse. 1-800-663-1441 (24h)
LifeRing: Non-religious self-help groups promote abstinence to alcohol and other addictive drugs. 1-888-920-2095
Narcotics Anon. Support Line: Support groups for those who have a desire to stop using drugs. 250-383-3553
Problem Gambling Help Line: 1-888-795-6111
Umbrella Society: For those who struggle with addictions & mental health disorders. 250-380-0595

Mental Health

BC Bereavement Helpline: Support, info & referrals for those who are grieving. 1-877-779-2223
BC Mental Health Info Line:  Support or referral for mental health issues. 250-310-6789 (24hrs)
BC Schizophrenia Society: Support, education, & info about schizophrenia & other serious/persistent mental illness. 250-384-4225
Mental Health Intake: Assessment, treatment recommendations & referrals. Must be referred by a physician. 250-519-3485
Mood Disorders Association of BC: Peer support & education for people with a mood disorder, their families & friends. 1-604-873-0103
Victoria Brain Injury Society: Support for persons with Acquired Brain Injury & their families & friends. 250-598-9339

Parenting & Family Support

Esquimalt Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC): Assessment, referral, short-term intervention, 24-hour info line. 250-363-2640 or 1-800-353-3329

Esquimalt Neighbourhood House: Provides individuals & couples counselling, as well as pre-natal & parenting education. 250-385-2635
Pacific CARE: Offers info about government services, child care, children’s programs, education, health, libraries, & community organizations for children’s well-being. 1-888-480-CARE (2273)
Parent Support Services of BC: Promotes healthy family relationship by supporting children, parents & others in parenting. 250-384-8042
Positive Parenting Program: Website provides info about courses on positive parenting techniques & is a great source of parenting resources across the island (offered at MFRC)  

Community Resources

Children Who Witness Abuse Program: Support group for women & children or adolescents exposed to violence. Short-term individual counselling. 250-592-2927 ext 12
Family Violence Program at Pacific Centre: Treatment program for men who use violence. Support groups for women in an abusive relationship. 250-478-8357 ext2230
Ministry of Children & Family – Child Protection:
  • Emergency after hours: 1-800-663-9122 or 250-310-1234
  • Aboriginal Team: 250-952-4073
  • Sidney: 250-544-3300
  • Sooke: 250-642-7748
  • Westshore: 250-391-2223
  • Saanich, Esquimalt, Victoria: 250-952-6062
Prideline: LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & intersex) 1-800-566-1170
Rock Bay Landing: 250-383-1951
Salvation Army: 250-384-3396 or 250-386-8521
Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre (TRAC): 1-800-665-1185


Credit Counselling Society of BC: 1-888-527-8999


Base Mental Health: 250-363-4411
B.C. Psychological Association Referral Service: 1-800-730-0522
Citizens Counselling Centre: A sliding fee scale available days, evenings, & weekends. 250-384-9934
Member Assistance Program (MAP): 1-800-268-7708
Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC): 250-363-2640 or 1-800-353-3329
Pacific Centre Family Services Association: 1-866-478-8357
South Island Centre: Faith, Spirituality, grief & loss. 250-472-2851

Military Community

Base Accommodations: 250-363-4087
Raynor or Collier Suites: 250-363-2708
Base Personnel Selection Officer (BPSO): Occupation transfer/reassignment, commissioning, special employment, career/educational/transitions counselling/support, education reimbursement info (individual Learning Plan assistance) 250-363-4091

CF Health Services (Pacific): Offers outpatient care to those service within the Formation.
1. Base Addiction Counsellors (BAC): 250-363-4411
2. Mental Health & Social Work Services: 250-363-4411
3. Urgent Care: 250-363-4482

Canadian Forces Housing Agency (CFHW):  Housing issues. 250-363-4421
Chaplains (Padres): Supporting the spiritual needs of personnel & their families, wedding, baptisms, sacramental preparations, counselling & referral services. 250-363-4030
Conflict Resolution Program: Helps individuals, teams, and units to resolve all forms of conflict through mediation, facilitation, training and coaching. 1-855-202-7861 Ext. 4165
Family Crisis Team (Pacific): Call for educational seminars. 250-363-4411 or 250-363-2640
Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Provides confidential info, support, & referral services to civilian employees experiencing personal difficulties. 250-363-7968 (CIV)
Health Promotion: Addictions, nutritional wellness, social wellness, presentations. 250-363-5621
Integrated Personnel Support Centre (IPSC): For ill & injured CAF personnel, veterans & their families. 250-363-4483
Member Assistance Program (MAP): Counselling assistance for CAF members & their families. FREE. 1-800-268-7708
Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC): Programs & services that address the unique military lifestyle. 24 hr info line: 250-363-2640 or 1-800-353-3329
Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS): 1-800-883-6094 or CAF members: 250-363-3057
Service Income Security Insurance Plan (SISIP): Provides insurance, financial planning, counselling, CFPAF & financial education. 250-363-3301
Veterans Affairs Canada: or 1-866-822-2122


Ombudsman: Will review & investigate concerns & complaints from current & former CAF members, departmental employees & their immediate family members who believe that they have been treated improperly or unfairly by the DND or CAF. 1-888-828-3626