* LEARN - Holistic Well-being

LEARN - Holistic Well-being 12 week life changer.

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* Lifestyle Education through Activity, Resilience and Nutrition (LEARN)

LEARN is a 12 week program that combines physical activity, nutrition, mental fitness/resilience training, stress management and conscious relaxation to help participants reduce their waist circumference and improve their overall fitness through both education and physical
training modules. The program is delivered by the Regional Adaptive Fitness Specialist and Health Promotion Specialists and is endorsed by the MARPAC Health and Wellness Strategy.
The target population for this program is members who have an unhealthy waist circumference as defined by the World Health Organization (women over 88 cm and men over 102 cm), poor nutrition
habits, and/or an unsuccessful FORCE test.

To register for Health Promotion Programs that are marked * you must register through your Unit Training Coordinator. To register for all other programs, or if you are a military spouse and not a DND employee, please contact 250-363-5621 directly.
For more info contact Lisa.Jeffery@forces.gc.ca