Dockyard Fitness Centre Fitness Schedule

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Drop in Classes

It’s back to basics with full body functional movements, body weight exercises and hard work! Come prepared to be pushed in a high intensity & demanding workout!

A combination of cardiovascular, muscular strength and core work mixed for a high intensity class. The classes change every day of the week with emphasis on different components of fitness. All levels welcome. Come prepared to work indoors or outdoors.

Fleet Fitness Hour 
This is your units chance to get fit and have fun while building morale. Choose from a variety of class structures from group runs, bootcamp, to flexibility, we have it all! Please call to book your spot with the Fitness Coordinator today at 250-363-4495. Two units are welcome to come together, but there is a maximum of 25 members per class.

Flexibility Fusion 
Come and explore varied stretching techniques, focusing on increasing full body strength and flexibility. A great complement to any fitness training routine. This class is taught by experienced PSP staff members. 

Are you looking to increase your fitness levels or prepare for an upcoming FORCE test? FORCE PT will prepare you through a variety of training techniques focusing on cardiovascular, core and muscular strength/endurance. Emphasis will be place on functional movements. ALL FITNESS LEVELS are welcome. 

Kettlebell Conditioning
Strength, flexibility and core stability combine in a functional exercise routine designed to help mimic the way you move in real life. Get it all with a traditional Russian cast iron weight looking like a cannonball with a handle.

Cycle your way to better health with motivating instruction and music. You control the intensity of the class through tension adjustments. Please bring a small towel, a water bottle and a ready-to-go attitude.

Fleet Fitness Hour/Naval Training School, for units and ships. Must be pre-booked with Fitness Coordinator. Please call 250-363-4495