Naden Athletic Centre Fitness Schedule

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Drop In Programs 

Quick and Dirty!

The Quick & Dirty is perfect if you’re a person on the go! Join the PSP staff for a Quick and Dirty 30 minute workout at the NAC every Monday from 12:05-12:35. This high intensity style work out will focus on interval training hitting major muscle groups and quick bouts of cardio. Are you ready for the Quick & Dirty?

Formation Unit PT
This class is designed as a drop in class for all interested members and units in the Formation. See current schedule above. 

Sore and Restore
Come and explore varied stretching techniques, focusing on increasing full body strength and flexibility. A 45 minute class focusing on restoring those sore muscles back to their happy healthy selves.

A combination of cardiovascular, muscular strength and core work mixed for a high intensity class. The classes change every day of the week with emphasis on different components of fitness. All levels welcome. Come prepared to work indoors or outdoors.

Official Force Evaluation
Registration Required. Book through your CAF Unit FORCE Coordinator.

Practice FORCE Familiarization
This drop-in test will run you through an unofficial FORCE test where you are able to track your progress by having each test component evaluated by a PSP Fitness Staff. All participants welcome.

Cycle your way to better health with motivating instruction and music. You control the intensity of the class through tension adjustments. Please bring a small towel and a water bottle.