Butt Out Clinic

Butt Out Drop in Clinic One-Stop shop

The Tobacco Free Butt out Clinic!

This clinic is a one-stop-shop for members looking to quit smoking. 
CAF members will:
  • Consult with a medical officer about medical options.
  • Get a prescription and have the prescription filled.
  • Meet with a Butt Out Coordinator all in one visit.
Research shows that counselling and support in combination with medication will help you quit smoking.  
  • Increase your addiction awareness
  • Strengthen your commitment
  • Identify smoking patterns, triggers and high risk situations
  • Improve coping skills
  • Develop a support network
  • Improve physical activity and nutrition
  • Practice relaxation skills
  • Plan for relapse prevention

The Base Clinic, first floor 
The first and third Wednesday of every month 
1300-1500 hrs 
To make an appointment call CDU 1 250-363-4120.
If you have questions about the clinic call 250-363-5532.