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Stress: Take Charge (STC) 

Stress is the #1 workplace disability issue today and appears to be a growing problem. Stress Take Charge is a course for people who want to gain a better understanding of their stress reaction, how to increase their resiliency in stressful situations, and how to learn proven coping skills for managing their stress response more effectively.
  • Helps participants manage their internal stress more effectively.
  • Participants are supported and learn stress coping strategies.
  • Participants will increase resiliency to create a greater tolerance and threshold level towards life’s stressors and challenges.
Location: NAC
Mon Nov 27, Thur Nov 30   8:30am-noon
Mon Dec 4 & Thur Dec 7     8:30am-noon
(course includes all four sessions)

Managing Angry Moments (MAM) 

MAM teaches participants how to use anger constructively. It is a course intended for everyone as we all feel anger at various times. Participants gain a better understanding of their relationship with anger. This course is not anger management counselling and is not appropriate for individuals with severe anger management problems.

  • Teaches participants how to use their anger constructively.
  • Intended for everyone.
  • We all feel anger at various times but we don’t always behave the way we would like to.
  • Gain a better understanding of your relationship with anger and learn skills for changing behaviour.
Note: This is not anger management counselling and is not suitable for individuals who have serious anger management problems who require counselling.
Location: NAC
Next course TBA
(course includes all four sessions)

Intercommunications – Inter-Comm
Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel and their family members who are interested in learning how to deal with conflict and improve communication in their personal relationships will be able to participate in a course called INTER-COMM. Director General Alternative Dispute Resolution (DGADR), Military Family Services (MFS) and Health Promotion (HP) program, Strengthening the Forces (STF), have partnered in the development of this course to give individuals in the CAF community the opportunity to increase their ability to communicate more effectively.
  • Learn how to deal with conflict 
  • Improve communication in their personal relationships

Location: CPAC
Next course TBA
(course includes all four sessions)

Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness (MF&SA) MITE code 119531 for MS and above
One day course that has been designed for the Canadian Armed Forces. MF&SA promotes mental fitness to gain resiliency and increase awareness of those at risk of suicide. Open to all personnel if spaces are available.
Location: NAC
Tues Nov 21    8:30am-4pm