Club Workshop

Club Workshop

Club Workshop & Fees

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How To Conduct Work

Customers are expected to call ahead during business hours to reserve a workspace and briefly describe their project so the custodian can advise them of club capabilities and policies before they arrive. Drop-ins are accepted if there is space available, though sometimes we’re booked up weeks in advance. We accept only credit/debit for payment and do not handle cash. If you live in your vehicle, make sure you have back-up accommodation just in case.

Once you’re at the shop, talk to the custodian and sign in. You’ll be assigned a workspace where you can begin your work. You’ll be briefed on safety and the equipment available to you, and you can start getting set up with tools and laying out your equipment. Use this time to ask questions regarding equipment use and instruction if you’re unfamiliar.
Check your workspace to ensure it’s in a clean and acceptable condition, as you’re responsible to leave it as you found it. Once your vehicle is in the workspace, you’re on the clock. If you’re waiting for the custodian to get you a tool, discuss with them and note how long you’re waiting so you’re not paying undue fees. We don’t want to discourage members assisting each other, so if you’ve spent significant time helping out instead of doing your own project make sure to discuss it with the custodian.

Pay-Per-Use Equipment

Some equipment have a consumable cost or custodian time requirement and therefore incur an extra fee for their use. The welders, oxy-acetylene torch, and tire machine/balancer are in this group. See the fee schedule for more info on usage fees.

Waste Disposal

There are some types of waste we can take for you, and others that are up to you to dispose of.
We take typical waste (paper, cardboard, plastic, etc), tires, scrap metal, waste petroleum, oils, and lubricants, used oil filters, and oily rags. We do not currently accept coolant, propane tanks, or scrap vehicles.
Wrapping Up

The clock stops once you’ve indicated that you’ve completed your project or the when you’re given notice that the shop will be closing for the day, but you’re not allowed to depart until you’ve cleaned your workstation and the custodian has inspected. You will not be charged for the time you spend cleaning up and returning tools.
Without exception, customers are to pay before they leave for the day, even if you will be returning to complete your project the next day. Prior to closing, spend the last 30 minutes cleaning, organizing, and arranging to pay up. Vehicles are not to remain in the workshop after hours without explicit permission from the custodian. Do your best to ensure your vehicle can be removed by the end of the day. This way, if you are delayed or unable to come back the next day, you won’t be holding up a bay (and also getting charged for it!).
Vehicle Storage

Parking is a valuable resource and may not be available. Parking is paid for a month at a time, and at the time you store your vehicle. We have sheltered storage for an extra fee, subject to availability. Refer to the fee schedule for more info on parking fees. If your vehicle will be remaining on the lot, even if just for one night, you are to complete a “Vehicle Storage Agreement” form. If you will be embarking on a longer project, discuss with the custodian on your timeline before you start your project.
Oh no, your project didn’t go as planned and now your vehicle is no longer drivable. We see this time and time again, and luckily for you, the first week of storage is free if you were using the shop. We try to ensure there is always a spot available in case of this. Ensure a copy of your receipt is kept with your storage agreement form. If your vehicle remains for more than 5 business days you will be charged a whole month of parking the next time you’re in BEFORE you begin work.

Shop Etiquette
  • Be courteous and helpful to other members and the custodians. Make the workshop an inviting place to hang out and do work
  • Clean up messes, garbage, and spills promptly. 
  • If you break or damage a tool or equipment don’t hide or cover it up. Bring up discovered defects as soon as you find them. We understand that things break, but we can’t do anything about it if we don’t know about it!
  • Show up for your reservation on time. Every minute you’re late is a minute a fellow club member could be doing their project instead. You will be charged for the time you are late if someone is waiting.
  • If your project is taking longer than you anticipated, make sure the person reserving after you is notified. We all understand projects can take longer than anticipated for many reasons, but it sucks to find out after driving to the shop.