Joining The Club


To register visit Colwood Pacific Activity Centre (CPAC) at 2610 Rosebank Rd and fill out forms which cover contact info as well as vehicle information.

There are no qualifications required to join or use the club. 

Types of Membership Categories:

Depending on how you serve DND or the Government of Canada, you qualify for different membership categories:

Regular Members:
Active and retired CAF, reservists, active foreign service military members, and their dependants, may apply as “Regular” members ($40/yr);

Ordinary Members:
Staff of DND, PSP, MFRC, DRDC, DCC, RCMP, Coast Guard (including those in receipt of a pension or annuity),  honorary Colonel/Capt(N) and Lt Col./Cdr, and their dependants, may apply for “Ordinary” membership ($56/yr);

Associate Members:
DFO, CRD municipal police, and other government agencies may apply for an “Associate*” membership ($72/yr);
Civilians with referral from an active club member, and in possession of specialized skills that may be of assistance to the club or are otherwise willing to assist the club, may be considered for an “Associate*” membership.

Associate memberships must be sponsored by a club member with a valid membership, and approved by the executive committee prior to registration. Contact us for more info

Once registered, we will include you on period emails regarding club events.
You can also contact us at