Canadian Forces Member with Operational Injury

Operation Stress Injury Social Support OSISS
Phone: 250-363-1900 ext: 60281 Regional Peer Support Coordinator (CF Member)
Family Peer  Support Phone: 250-770 4539 (Family Member)
OSISS offers information and support for military members and veterans with an operational stress injury. Information and support for family members is also available through a Family Peer Support Network; for military members OSISS offers a Peer Support Network.

Victoria Disability Resource Centre
Phone: (250) 595-0044
The Victoria Disability Resource Centre is a not-for-profit organization that helps people with all types of disabilities lead independent lives. They help to link clients and community organizations with services that benefit them.

Honour House
Phone: 778-397-4399
Honour House provides a temporary home for our Canadian Forces, Veterans, Emergency Services Personnel and their families while they travel to receive medical care and treatment in the Metro Vancouver Area. Honour House is proud to support brave Canadians and their families by providing them with a home away from home where they can recuperate and forget about the financial stresses associated with their need to leave home for treatment.

Winch House
Phone: (604) 874 6255 or Email: for referral processes for Winch House
Winch House is a fully-furnished 4 bedroom,3 bathroom bedroom home managed by the New Chelsea Society and is located at 1079 East 52nd Avenue in Vancouver. This facility is a “home away from home” and offers free accommodation for CAF members, veterans, civilian first-responders and their family members to recover from injuries, receive treatment or services from health facilities in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Set in a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood next to a children’s playground, this home is a perfect place for these honored residents to find assistance or treatment that they really need.