Disability Service Providers

Island Health Authority
Phone: 250-370-8699 - Toll Free: 1-877-370-8699 Email: info@viha.ca
Island Health provides a wide range of health care and support services to help improve the health, quality of life, and independence of individuals or community members including those with a physical or developmental disability.  Some home and health care services may be able to be delivered in home.
Website: www.islandhealth.ca

Information for Persons with Disabilities
This website offers a complete listing of all supports and services provided by the B.C. government. Some examples include accessing financial assistance, supports for transitioning youth and advocacy services.

Community Living BC  1 877 660 2522
Community Living BC is a provincial organization that supports adults living in BC with developmental disabilities and their families. They can help develop a support plan to help families identify goals and find local resources in your community.

Victoria Disability Resource Centre
Phone: (250) 595-0044
The Victoria Disability Resource Centre is a not-for-profit organization that helps people with all types of disabilities lead independent lives. They help to link clients and community organizations with services that benefit them.

Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre (IDHHC)
Victoria Office: Phone: 250-592-8144 or 1 800-667-5448 (Voice)
TTY: 250-592-8147 or 1 800 667 5448 Email: idhhc@idhhc.ca Text: Family and Community: 250 818 5738 Employment: 250 818 4331
Nanaimo Office: Phone:  250 753 0999 or 1 877 424 3323 (Voice) TTY: 250 753 0977
Email: nanaimo@idhhc.ca  Text: 250 668 4235
Interpreting for both sites: (VI) 250 818 0479
The IDHHC provides counselling and support services for persons with hearing loss and who identify as deaf and or hard of hearing. Some of the programs provided included counselling to help families and persons cope with hearing loss, technical aids program, support groups, employment support and integration, and many more.

Toll Free: 1 800 563 2642  Email: info@cnib.ca
CNIB provides support and information for Canadians living in BC and the Yukon with vision loss.  Their website is the link to a variety of services in your local community and provides information on research, various programs and services and outreach to community partners.

B.C. Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction
Phone: 1-866-866-0800
The British Columbia Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Program (BCEA) promotes greater independence for people with disabilities, including income security. In addition, this ministry recognizes that people with disabilities may require additional supports, such as an increased assistance rate, supplementary assistance and specialized employment supports in order to meet the challenges of daily living and move towards greater independence.

BC Travel Assistance Program (TAP)
The BC Travel Assistance Program (TAPBC) helps alleviate some of OMITTED MEDICAL the transportation costs through providing financial assistance to residents of British Columbia who have to travel within the province for non-emergency medical or  specialist services not available in their own community. Residents must be referred by a physician or nurse practitioner (NP) for non-emergency MSP insured specialist medical services which are not available locally to qualify for this program. TAP forms are only available through your physician or NP when a referral is made. Once you have received your form and referral you can contact the TAP automated application service 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-800-661-2668 for registration and additional services/information.

Canada Revenue Agency - Disability Tax Credit  (DTC) 
The disability amount is a non-refundable tax credit that a person who is markedly restricted in at least one or more basic activities of daily living and prolonged impairment in physical or cognitive functions can apply to reduce the amount of income tax he or she has to pay in a year. See website for all application criteria.