The Wardroom
Due to COVID 19 the Mess remains closed


DUE to COVID 19 the Mess reamins CLOSED. Please contact the Mess Manager by email.

The Officers' Mess at CFB Esquimalt exists to build esprit de corps and comradeship, and to provide entertainment, goods, services, and amenities to its members.

This Mess has a vital role in fostering the traditions of the Canadian Armed Forces and in particular the customs and traditions of the Royal Canadian Navy. Therefore, wherever feasible and desirable, Naval customs will be used and practiced in the Mess.

The physical facilities consist of five managed areas in two buildings. Three are part of the Officers' Mess, managed by the Mess with assistance from the Morale and Welfare Services organization: two lounges in the Signal Hill building, known as the "Wardroom" (upper and lower lounges), and the third at Work Point, known as the "Gunroom" - all three are reserved for Officers. The other two areas are in the Signal Hill building and are managed by the Base Administration Branch: accommodations (Sgt/PO2 and above), and the dining area (mixed rank dining).

Wardroom Mess Manager: Megan Ilott 250-363-5322  EMAIL 

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