RV Storage

RV Storage Monthly/Yearly rates

PSP Recreation manages two RV compound storage facilities located in Work point and Colwood. The RV compound in Colwood has 120 parking spots ranging from 20’ – 45’ spots, while the Work Point location has 25 spots ranging from 15’- 20’ in lot size. Price is determined by the spot length and can be deducted from Military pay or paid in full for the year.

Limited space is available and priory is based on the following:
  • PRI 1        Single Quarters
  • PRI 2        PMQ/RHU (Residential Housing Unit)
  • PRI 3         Civilian Quarters
  • PRI 4        Retired Members
  • PRI 5        Civilian DND Employees

Both locations can be accessed from dusk until dawn by using the lockbox on the gate entrance, allowing members to gain access to the compound without having to sign keys out. 

Members can inquire about RV storage by calling CPAC at 250-363 -1009.   

Length of parking spot/ 
Cost per month/year:
15ft: $24.75 mth / $270 yr 
20ft: $33 mth / $360 yr

25ft: $41.25 mth / $450yr
30ft: $49.50mth / $540 yr
35ft: $57.75 mth / $630 yr
40ft: $66 mth / $720 yr
45ft: $74.25 mth / $810 yr