​Model Railroad Club

​Model Railroad Club


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The model Railway Club started as an N Scale (1/160) NTRAK modular layout in December 1997. Currently the NTRAK layout is 30 plus feet by 40 plus feet. These modules are continuously updated as new techniques and experiences are gained including Digital Command Control (DCC) systems. The N Scale layout is currently completing conversion to DCC but this does not preclude DC locomotives from being run on the layout.

The HO Scale (1/87) modular layout is also 30 plus by 40 plus feet and has completed conversion to DCC. Again this does not preclude DC locomotives from enjoying the wonders of the layout. Some of these modules depict logging operations, mining operations and a locomotive servicing facility.

Both of these layouts have been on public display and have won multiple awards as “Best Operating Layout”, “Favourite Operating Layout”; and “Best Module” at train shows in Victoria and Nanaimo. Our layout at “Christmas in the Village” is the perennial favourite display at the Saanich Historical Artefacts Society Christmas presentation.

The Club actively participates each year in the Victoria Train Show, Westshore Town Centre Hobby Show, Nanaimo Regional Train Show, Esquimalt Buccaneer Days, MARPAC Expo and the West Coast Welcome.

All Active or retired military members, DND and other Government employees are welcome and invited to join the CFB Esquimalt Model Railway Club. We also allow limited numbers of others who do not meet the previously noted requirements as well as junior members providing the parent is an active member.

The Club currently meets every Wednesday from 1300-1630 hours and Saturday mornings from 0830-1200 hours in the basement of Building 1031 Work Point Barracks.

For further information please contact Ken Silvestor at 250-474-1316