Auto Club

Auto Hobby Club


Get your engine started

ARE YOU AN AUTO ENTHUSIAST? Want to maintain that 1967 Mustang convertible? Whether you are an enthusiast or need to repair the family car, the Auto Hobby Club can provide you with:
  • Tools and equipment for changing oil to rebuilding engines
  • Two floor hoists, tire changer, wheel balancing equipment, brake lathe and welding equipment, diagnostic machine
  • On duty custodian
  • Conveniently located at Work Point 1117
  • Nearly 16 years of Club operational experience
Hours of operation Mon, Thu and Fri 1800–2200, Sat/Sun 0800-1600

Consider joining the club or take a facility tour by contacting the Club at
For questions associated with the Auto Hobby Club facility please contact the Club House at 250-480-0191.