Pacific Fleet Kayak Club

Pacific Fleet Kayak Club


Get on the water!

Do you like hanging out with seals and whales? Enjoy the benefit of living on the west coast with the CFB Esquimalt’s Pacific Fleet Kayak Club!

Some of the benefits include:
  • Instruction in Ocean kayaking with an emphasis on safety and rescue techniques.
  • New members are given the club’s basic kayaking course, which is included as part of the first year membership fee.  This course is conducted in two parts: the basics and rescues in the Naden Pool followed by an ocean phase in Esquimalt Harbour.
  • Signing out a kayak from our fleet of 20+ at any time.
  • The use of the scheduled NAC pool times to practice and work on their skills.
 The fees excluding tax are:
  • Regular Members, $75 first year, $50 renewal;
  • Ordinary Members, $100 first year, $75 renewal;
  • Associate Members, $130 first year, $100 renewal.

Please visit our website or contact us at