PSP Movie Nights

PSP Movie Nights Break out the popcorn!

Indoor Movie Nights (5+ yrs)
Parents, want an hour or two to yourself? Drop off your children at the CPAC for a movie, pizza, popcorn and juice! Each night runs from 6:30pm-8pm, drop off at 6:15. Bring pillows and blankets for each child to ensure they are comfy.

Location: CPAC    $5
Sept. 15 – Minions                                              PSP F17REC233
Sept. 29 – Brave                                                 PSP F17REC234
Oct. 13 – Alexander and the terrible. Horrible. 
No good. Very bad day                                       PSP F17REC235
Nov. 10 – Nut Job                                               PSP F17REC236
Nov. 17 – Trolls                                                   PSP F17REC237