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The CANMILREP STAFF BRUSSELS UNIT FUND (PSP Brussels) is managed by a committee and administered locally by the PSP Coordinator. The Unit Fund Committee is comprised of a chairperson, four members (one of them representing the dependants) and assisted by the PSP Coordinator. The Committee is responsible to the Commanding Officer and provides direction to the PSP Coordinator for programming, fiscal policies, and management of the budget.

All Canadian military, and DND civilians serving in Brussels and their dependants may participate in subsidized PSP programs and activities. Guests can be invited to participate when space is available however, no subsidy will be provided.

Programs & Activities

Group Travel: A variety of trips are organized and conducted annually. These trips offer a balance of short, medium and long duration excursions, catering to the widest cross-section of our community as possible (singles, couples, younger and older families). Most trips are subsidized at a rate of 20 to 30 per cent.

Small Group Initiatives: These subsidized events are volunteer-led and organized, but are neither initiated nor organized by the PSP Coordinator. The events must be open to the entire community and attract a minimum of 12 subsidized participants.
Sport and Recreation Program: PSP-entitled personnel living in Brussels as of April 1st each year are reimbursed up to €100 per person (€25 for those who are leaving in the summer) for activities within the spirit of the Sport and Recreation Program; e.g. golf club memberships, music and ballet lessons, theater tickets, etc.

Financial Support to the Mess Committee: The Unit Fund helps defray the cost of the activities of the Mess Committee (e.g. Candlelight and Farewell dinners).

Financial Support to the MFS-Brussels: The Unit Fund provides funding annually for many of the community events organized by our MFS staff.

Sport Equipment Purchase: The PFMG also offers support with the purchase of sports equipment for the military community.

Thule Roof Carrier and bike racks: PSP Brussels has a Thule roof carrier and two triple-bicycle racks, which can be signed out by the PSP Coordinator.

Travel Library: Come and visit the PSP Office (in the MFS) and checkout the extensive travel library… the perfect one-stop shop for the do-it yourself traveler!

Contact Info:
Gemma Verret

PSP Coordinator Brussels
Tel: +32(0) 2 210 9293