PSP Services

PSP Services

Personnel Support Program Coordinator

The Personnel Support Program (PSP) Coordinator performs various financial and advisory tasks. In addition, the PSP Coordinator manages the Maple Leaf Room bar with three employees.

The duties of the PSP coordinator include:
  • Administering the Unit Fund (UF) finances
  • Budget planning for all PSP organized functions
  • Managing the Unit Fund (UF) bank account, maintaining UF signatures & UF Furniture & Effects list updated
  • Member of the Unit Fund committee
  • Completing weekly sales reports for the bar
  • Completing monthly bank and UF financial reconciliation
  • Liaising with other UF functions for support and payments
  • Managing the Maple Leaf Room - booking
  • Managing the Maple Leaf Room bar – responsible for stock ordering, cash, hiring and training of bartenders
  • Being responsible for loaning and control of sports equipment i.e. golf clubs
Contact Info:

Lisa Whelan
PSP Coordinator-CASTEAU

Tel: +32-6544-5963
Fax: +32-6522-8157