Health Services for Military Families in Brunssum

Standard of Care

Most often, families will access care on the Selfkant-Kaserne, Niederheid base where there is a fully staffed Canadian military clinic.  Therefore, the standard of care is excellent.  There are two physicians, one PA, a med-tech and nurses on staff.  The Social Worker for Europe is also based in Niederheid. German health-care is also of a very high quality, although they don’t subscribe to our North American sense of modesty or privacy. You will rarely be provided with a gown when asked to undress for treatment.

Access to Services

Niederheid Medical Services
While the medical clinic has sick-parade, it is advised that you make an appointment when possible so that proper time and attention can be given to your concerns.  Care is provided in both English and French.
Emergency Care
For emergency services families are directed to Atrium Medisch Centrum Heerlen, Henri Dunandstraat 5, Heerlen, NL. 

For a more comprehensive list of afterhours health care providers, please consult the Health Services link


Medical services for military dependents provided in the Canadian clinic are billed directly to the members’ plan. Sponsored civilians and their family members will be billed directly and expected to submit for reimbursement through their own plan.  The on-site pharmacy requires cash payments for sponsored civilians and their family members and they will provide receipts for submission to insurance companies. Military members and their dependants have the additional option of payroll deduction for pharmacy charges. When accessing medical services on the economy it is very common for the provider to send a bill to your home at a future date and it is imperative that you pay it at the bank upon receipt.


The Canadian medical clinic has a military pharmacist with a well-stocked supply of Canadian prescription and over-the-counter medications.  It is advisable to meet with the pharmacist on your HHT to ensure she has or can obtain any regular medications you require.  Please review the Health Services pharmacy information page for additional information. When the pharmacist is on TD or on leave, you may use a local pharmacy called an Apotheke.  This is where you will also find over-the-counter medications as they are not sold in grocery stores or what we would consider to be a drug store in Canada where cosmetics and personal care items could also be found.


There is a Canadian military dental clinic co-located with medical. Dependants and eligible civilians may obtain treatment on a space available basis. They offer basic dental care and prevention, but will not do cosmetic or orthodontic work.  These services are readily available on the economy. For additional information please click here


The Canadian military clinic refers to local specialists and health care providers such as gynecologists, urologists, radiologists, cardiologists, physiotherapists, etc.  They have a strong referral network to a number of English speaking physicians. Wait times are often quite short in comparison to Canada.  

New Parent Information Package

Whether this is your first baby or not, having a baby in Europe can be a new experience for you. MFS(E) has prepared an information package that is to be a starting point for expectant parents in Germany & The Netherlands.