Stavanger is the fourth largest city in Norway and is home to more than 125,000 people.  To locate Stavanger take a look at this Google map.  For more details, here is a city map.  You can also download a map app to an iPhone or iPod at the iTunes store.

You can find a wealth of information at the following sites:
Guide to Municipal Services
Stavanger Chamber of Commerce 
The Official Tourist and Convention Website


Whether you need candles, clothing, hand-blown glass, or anything in between, here is a list of shops  to explore.  

Health and Social Care

Here is some emergency and health related information.

Children's Education

If you have school aged children coming with you to Stavanger, you will want to check out the International School. In addition, take a look at the Children's Education website, which deals with the education and related care of DND dependent students both inside and outside of Canada. It provides a list of world education sites and links to the Canadian Forces International Schools. The site also provides information on screening procedures and guidelines, education allowances, education compatibility and language instruction.

Dining and Entertainment 

There are so many options for food and nightlife in Stavanger.  Here are some options to explore.

If you are looking for concerts, theatre or even the annual garlic festival, take a look at the "What's On" listings. 

News and Information

To stay on top of all that is current in Norwegian news, read the English language Norway Post.