Health Services for Military Families in Poland

Standard of Care

Under the NATO SOFA agreement, Poland as a Host Nation is obliged to provide medical and dental services to members of the force, members of the civilian component, and their dependents under the same conditions as Polish personnel.  Some Canadians have felt in the past that the standard of care in Poland does differ from Canada to a certain degree.


Most medical expenses are paid upfront and they often accept cash or credit card.  This includes all doctor’s visits, lab work, x-rays, MRI’s prescriptions etc. Medical treatment is not expensive. Receipts plus a Faktura Vat must be obtained detailing all of the services received. Your claim should be settled in about six weeks.  If you are seen at the military hospital in Bydgoszcz an invoice will be sent to JFTC to be paid upon receipt.

Pharmacy Services

The local pharmacies (Apetkas) provide reliable medications of good quality. There are pharmacies on every street corner and some operate 24 hours a day. Some pharmacies are available to offer services in English.   For a list of pharmacies, including pharmacies that offer delivery services, please refer to the JFTC Support Unit for details.
Please note that prescriptions in Poland are valid for 30 days from the date of issue, except prescriptions for antibiotics which are valid for 7 days.   Members should be aware that if a doctor writes a prescription, it might not necessarily be covered by Alliant, as in Canada it may be sold over the counter.  A prescription is always noted with a 100% beside it.  Most medications (or their equivalent) are available in Poland, however, if you are taking medications it is best to contact the Embassy Public Health Advisor and check the availability in Poland before coming to Post.  You should bring a supply from home when you arrive to cover between your arrival and your selection of a family doctor.


Dental services in Poland have been described as cutting edge and very inexpensive. People all over Europe fly in to have dental work done due to the cost and quality of service.  The facilities are clean, modern and have up-to-date equipment.


Specialists are available with a referral from your doctor and you often see them very quickly.  All specialties are covered.