Health Services for Military Families in Madrid

Standard of Care

The Standard of Care in Madrid is generally excellent.  The National Health Service of Spain has a wide network of hospitals and health clinics located throughout the country and facilities are comparable to Canada.  The speed of service is often better than Canada due to a two tiered medical system and this often allows you to get seen, tests done and diagnosed and released in a couple of hours.

Access to Services

The Madrid Health Center is a private medical unit created specifically to meet the healthcare needs of the expatriate community of Madrid.  It is under the direction of Dr. Niko Mihic, Canadian trained and Board Certified Family Physician.  At his clinic, you can have an appointment usually quite quickly and the receptionist and doctor both speak English.


Payment in the doctor’s office/dental office is made at the time of visit and then submitted for reimbursement.  The payments often include cash, debit or major credit cards and the fee for many services is less expensive than in Canada.

Pharmacy services

Medications can be purchased from the local pharmacies (farmacia) which are marked with a green cross on their sign (often flashing if open).  24 hour pharmacies are called “farmacias de guardia”.  Prices are very reasonable as drugs are subsidized by the government.

Dental and Specialists

Canadians report positive experiences with dentists and specialists .  As with medical,  fees are paid up front and then submitted for re-imbursement. English speaking dentists and specialists are listed in the Madrid Handbook.  A referral from a civilian general practitioner is required in order to access specialist care.