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Shops and Services

Istanbul is a dynamic and modern city. You can find all the services you would normally expect, and the shopping is legendary - from market stalls to designer boutiques.

Shopping guide

Looking for a specific business or service? Try Turkey's Yellow Pages.

Medical and Dental

For general, dental and emergency care of CAF members and dependants, visit the medical centre at HQ NRDC. Secondary health services may be obtained via the Turkish Military Hospitals and/or private healthcare facilities:

Hospitals in Istanbul and environs
Hospitals in Turkey

Regardless of your location, CAF doctors will consult with you or your local doctor on request. If you have concerns about your medical care or just need reassurance about the care you are receiving, please contact one of the CAF healthcare professionals.

Schools and Child Care

The Children's Education Management website deals with the education and related care of DND dependant students both inside and outside of Canada, providing a list of world education sites and links to the Canadian Forces International Schools. The site also provides information on screening procedures and guidelines, education allowances, education compatibility and language instruction.

Language Training

If you don't speak Turkish, don't worry, the MFS(E) will provide you with a phrase book in your welcome bag to get you started with some useful words and phrases.  You can also sign up for a free Rosetta Stone online learning license.   Please contact the Virtual Programs Coordinator for more information.

When living in a foreign country, everyday tasks such as shopping, banking and commuting can become difficult. A basic understanding of the native language is essential.

Language Training Options

The Department of National Defence assumes the provincial responsibility for provision of education facilities in the appropriate official language for dependent students outside Canada. Visit the Children's Education Management website for more information.

Need a quick translation?  Try It provides word translation from English to Turkish.

Dining and Entertainment

Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city that has much to offer in the way of dining and entertainment. Here you'll find everything from typical Turkish coffee / tea houses to quaint little cafés and from North American fast food chains to full-scale restaurants serving traditional Turkish fare.

Istanbul Official City Guide
Time Out Istanbul  


If you want to stay on top of everything in Turkey, check out The Turkish Press or the Turkish Daily News