PSP Services

The PSP Coordinator United Kingdom (UK) welcomes you to the UK!
PSP-UK programs are developed and funded by the UK Fund Committee.
In pursuing our mission to enhance morale, esprit de corps and unit cohesion by “serving those who serve”, PSP-UK in conjunction with PSP-Europe presents the following programs:
  • Subsidized PSP-UK Trips
  • PSP Chalet Program
  • Funds and Subsidies
    • UK Fund Committee
    • UK Fund Membership Rebates
    • UK Fund Travel Assistance Rebate
  • PSP Sports Equipment Sign-out Program
  • Force Evaluation
  • Duty Free Retail Store

Subsidized up to 50% by the UK Fund, trips are offered each year or example, World War I/II Battlefield Tours.
Enjoy an opportunity to travel and explore with your fellow Canadians. It’s an excellent opportunity to catch up with old acquaintances and meet some new faces.

The UK Fund Committee
The UK Fund strives to offer the best programs possible to Canadian Forces personnel living in the United Kingdom. The Committee is by the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, the NCM representative, Navy / Army / Air Force representatives, and one additional rep from the CF community. The PSP-UK Coordinator presents to the committee and sits as a non-voting ex-officio. The PSP-UK trips and rebates are examples of the committee’s dedication to programming.

UK Fund Constitution
Please take note: All Rebate submissions must be received no later than 28 February and two weeks prior to your Out Clearance to be eligible for reimbursement.

UK Fund Membership Rebate
The UK Fund Membership Rebate is intended to partially offset the cost of activities and to encourage members and their families to enjoy the opportunities available during their posting to the UK. The Committee sets the amount of the rebate at the beginning of each fiscal year.  To obtain your Membership Rebate, please read, complete, and sign the Membership Rebate form.  Attach original receipts or tickets (non-returnable) and send to:
PSP UK Coordinator
Canadian Forces Support Unit (Europe)
Detachment United Kingdom
86 Blenheim Crescent, Bldg 188
Ruislip, Middlesex UK HA4 7HB

UK Fund Travel Assistance Program
The UK Fund Travel Assistance Program acknowledges the additional costs associated with travelling to join a PSP-UK organized trip, or to attend a UK Fund sponsored event.
To obtain you Travel Assistance rebate, please read, complete, and sign the Travel Assistance Program form. Attach original receipts or tickets (non-returnable) and send to:
PSP UK Coordinator
Canadian Forces Support Unit (Europe)
Detachment United Kingdom
86 Blenheim Crescent, Bldg 188
Ruislip, Middlesex UK HA4 7HB

PSP-UK has purchased new sports equipment which is sure to be a hit at your next BBQ, picnic, or event. Don’t rent your clubs and rackets when you can sign them out for FREE!
For example, Mens and Ladies Golf clubs- Left and Right Hand, Tennis and Squash Racquets, Volleyball with Net, Croquet, Badminton, Bocce Balls, Croquet Sets, Soccer Balls and Field Markers, Softball Equipment and Bases, Floor Hockey, Tug-of-War Rope, Hand-held GPS, Walking Trail Books, Jump Ropes.

Devon Travers
PSP-UK Coordinator

Work: +44 (0)1895 613 038 
Cellphone: +44 (0)7989 445 220

Canadian Armed Forces personnel are required to meet physical fitness standards every year. It is extremely important not to let your FORCE status expire!
Our fitness staff from Niederheid, Germany, travel three times a year to the UK to ensure personnel have the opportunity to maintain their physical fitness standards. The next FORCE Evaluation will be on April 17, 2018 at RAF Northolt. An email invite will be sent out to book your session.

More than just wine or maple syrup, your purchases help fund your PSP trips and rebates… champagne, maple syrup, Canadian beer… it literally pays to shop at the Duty Free!

Link to Duty Free Store page