Full Flex Program

Full Flex Program


Travel where you want when you want!

In 2016, the Full Flex option was introduced to meet the ever changing needs of our unique community. This option gives you, European Fund (EF) members, the flexibility to select your own getaway destination at a time of your choosing and receive a subsidy towards the cost of your accommodations.

Full-flex vouchers may be used to offset costs associated with hotels, rental apartments, cruises as well as rental of recreational vehicles.  After the trip, EF members who won a full-flex voucher are to submit their accommodation receipts to the PSP Chalet Coordinator to receive their subsidy.
The full flex vouchers are alloted as part of each seasonal draw along with the chalets. The information is sent to members via email in February for the summer season and in September for the winter season.

For complete draw rules, click here.

If you have won of a Full Flex voucher, please take a few minutes to let us know what you think by filling out the evaluation form.