Regional Civilian Personnel Office (RCPO)

Regional Civilian Personnel Office (RCPO)

Dependents of Canadian civilian component/CAF members:

If you are interested in working in Europe, we would invite you to complete the below Reliability Screening Request Form and submit this to the RCPO via email at

Reliability Status is the minimum requirement for all positions in Europe.
For further information, please call our office at +49 (0) 2451 717 219.

RCPO Form 044 - Screening Request for Reliability Status
Applying for Reliability Status | The request process

In addition to the above, we invite you to apply to the RCPO Recruitment Drive. When you apply to this selection process (below), you are applying to an inventory for current and future vacancies. As positions become available, applicants who meet the qualifications may be contacted for further assessment. 

100-VAR-01-2021 – Recruitment Drive
Screening Form: RCPO – 046
Completing a successful application form

The above is for Public Fund positions administered by the Regional Civilian Personnel Office.
Apply now!

Please note: Not all of our positions are staffed through the inventory. If you have further questions, please contact RCPO at