Working with MFS and PSP in Europe

Working with MFS and PSP in Europe Documents and information to have with you in Europe

You want to work in Europe!


If you want to work for MFS and  PSP while in Europe, you should bring the following information with you. It will be required to process your file to obtain the required security clearance to work in Europe. Having this information at your fingertips will speed-up the hiring process:

  • Copy of passport, SOFA or VISA stamp (some of those, you will get in Europe)
  • Another form of government (federal or provincial) photo  ID (birth certificate, Driver’s Licence, etc). If Govn’t photo ID is not available a 3rd piece of photo ID (such as student ID) must be provided
  • Five years of resident addresses along with proof (mail, bill, T4, etc)  The dates must be five years from the date of filling out the form back exactly five years from that date (i.e.: 24 Oct 2018 back to 24 Oct 2013)
  • Proof of relevant education and professional qualifications (transcripts, diplomas, etc)
  • Proof of previous employment (back 5 years), (work agreements, T4s, etc)
  • Two References (these are part of the hiring process and should be in processing before this point – reference letters are good as well)