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Deployment Programs and Services 

When you register with the Gagetown MFRC we will ensure that you and your family stay connected and informed of programs and services offered at GMFRC.

Pre-Deployment & Reunion Packages - Upon the Gagetown MFRC receiving the Family Deployment Contact Form, an information package will be sent to the person indicated on the form. The package includes a family handbook, information on preparing for deployment, preparing for reunion, Family Information Line, emergency child care, Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program (CFMAP), greeting letter and tips for mailing care packages.

Pre-Deployment & Reunion Briefings -These information sessions will look at the cycle of deployment and reunion. We will discuss common reactions and ways of coping while your loved one is away and preparing for homecoming. Check your monthly calendar for dates and times.

Warm Heart Line - The main purpose of the Warm Heart Line (WHL) is to ensure that families of CAF members remain connected to base and community resources and services during separations of 30 days or more due to operational demands. The WHL is not a counseling service nor is it the role of the WHL volunteers to give advice. Their role is to offer a friendly voice and a listening ear. All contacts are strictly confidential.

Free Deployment Child Care - Is your loved one away? Would you like a well deserved break from the kids? Free childcare will be provided one Saturday of each month from 10am - 3pm at the GMFRC. 
Pre-registration is required in order to ensure child staff ratios. Please check your monthly calendar for dates.

Free Overseas Mail Drop-Off Location - This free service has been put into place to enable families of deployed personnel to send parcels free of charge to their loved ones presently serving overseas. This service is available to all families, however the Gagetown MFRC is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage caused to the items.

Proper addressing important! You must include your return address with telephone number and contents must be listed on the outside. For correct mailing addresses overseas, click here. 

Please check with the MFRC nearest you for their local mailing guidelines, as it varies from centre to centre.

Coffee Evenings - Is your loved one away for a deployment, IR (Imposed Restriction) or a course? Yes! Then join us at our coffee evenings. Come out and meet new people, make new friends or reconnect with old friends. Free child care provided. Please check your monthly calendar for dates and times.

Children's Deployment Program - The children's deployment program is designed to assist children with the emotional cycle of deployment. The program consists of 8 sessions. Each session presents a different topic corresponding to the cycle of deployment. Some of the topics covered are separation, loss, anger, children & reunion. The program is designed for children ages 5 and up

Adult Deployment Program - The adult deployment program is designed to assist adults with the emotional cycle of deployment. Topics include: separation, spousal relationships, self-care, reunion planning etc.

Special Events - Special events are held throughout the year for families with a loved one away. 

Check the monthly calendar for upcoming events.