Online Learning

Online Learning

Rosetta Stone© is an independent online learning program that allows you to work at your own pace. RS does not directly correspond to SLT course levels.

Eligibility and Fees: RS is available free of charge to civilian spouses/partners of CAF members in New Brunswick. Notify us should you be posted out of the province and we will connect with your new MFRC and transfer your learner’s file over to them. CAF members are not eligible for RS. Please contact the Base Language School to receive a list of online training available to you. Only civilian spouses/partners of CAF members can access Rosetta Stone © with the GMFRC.

General Terms of Use: Licences are valid for 6 months. Activation of online account within 1 month of receipt and a minimum usage of 3 hours/week (or 12 hours/month) of online learning or practice is required. Otherwise license may be deactivated and offered to another learner. Although minimum program usage is required, the RS program works best when leaners spend 45 mins to 1 hour each day.

Online learning options require a USB headset with microphone (provided free of charge).