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Military Fitness

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Military Fitness Program

The fitness program consists of formal classes of Spin, Circuit, Fit for Combat, Core, Wall ClimbingYogaMobility, Kick Boxing and Aquatics. These fitness classes are taught by PSP staff and are available to all units at Base Gagetown.

Unit Sports Representatives must book PSP fitness classes through their Unit Fitness Instructor, 506-422-2000 ext 2425 or 3537

Unit sports representatives must book floor space through Facilities Coordinator, Keith Wilkins 506-422-2000 ext 3536

Unit block FORCE test bookings and specialty trade evaluations book through Amanda Murphy
506-422-2000 ext 3535

Military Lap Swim is offered Monday to Friday from 1200 -1300.

Force Evaluation

Members must book their force test in advance through their e-fit coordinator. Those visiting from another base can contact  506-422-2000 ext 3537 or 2425 to coordinate their testing.  

Participants must report to PSP in the fieldhouse at the base gym at 0900 for registration. Click here for more information about the Force Evaluation.

The Supplementary Training Program for military personnel is offered Monday through Friday at 0600 hrs. Please contact 506-422-2000 ext 2425 or 3537 for more information.


Chad O'Quinn Powerlifting Competition held in March. 
Jessica Clements 506-422-2000 ext 3537

Army 10km Run held in May.
Jean Philippe Lesley 506-422-2000 ext 3537