Roles and Responsibilities for Candidates

Job-matching services are completely free for both candidates and employers to participate. In order to qualify for job-match, all you as an individual need to do is complete the participant application form and submit it to the NBMFRC Director of Op@Work via e-mail or in person.

You may also choose to attach your resume or curriculum vitae with the program registration form. Every registration that is submitted to Op@Work is reviewed by the Director of Op@Work. If there is an opportunity that matches your skills and experience, you will be asked if you wish to be considered for the opportunity; if you agree and are a competitive candidate, you may be referred to the employer for consideration.

Expectations and Responsibilities – NBMFRC

Job-matching services are completely free for both candidates and employers to participate. To be considered for local employment opportunities, individuals must simply complete the Op@Work participant registration form and submit to the Director of Op@Work.
Op@Work collaborates closely with employers to match prospective employees with opportunities based on specific needs, skills, and interests.
Op@Work is a candidate referral service that works to match the best candidates with employment opportunities. The responsibility of the match ends when the candidate(s) are referred to the employer for hiring consideration.
Op@Work and the NBMFRC will in no way be responsible or liable for the referred candidate(s). Op@Work in no way endorses any of the employers benefiting the Op@Work services.

Expectations and Responsibilities – For the Individual

Self-declaration of how the individual is connected to the Canadian Armed Forces community; it is expected that program registrants are members of a military family.
The participant is expected to complete the application form to the best of their knowledge and ability, if required, they may request some assistance for completing Op@Work registration.
Should the individual be considered for a job opportunity for which they have no interest, it is hoped that they would share their position with the Director of Op@Work if they do not wish to be considered.
If individuals are contacted to be advised of a position for which they are considered, it is in their best interest to forward the most up-to-date version of their resume or curriculum vitae to the Director of Op@Work for further consideration.
By working closely with the Director of Op@Work, individuals increase their likelihood of success with the service.

Registration Form for Job Seekers