Tankers Scuba Club

Tankers Scuba Club


Tankers Scuba Club

We dive ALL YEAR ROUND, come in and join us!!

Club Contact Information:
Bob Bissonette 422-2000 Ext 2403 or Robert.Bissonnette@forces.gc.ca

Club Hours of Operation:
Tuesday and Thursday 1900 hrs – 2100 hrs in Building M6 located behind the base gym Tuesday and Thursday 2000 hrs – 2300 hrs. in the pool
Sundays 0800 hrs – 1000 hrs in the pool (We typically teach Discover SCUBA to children or groups on the Sunday mornings; however, we always have room for members to practice their skills!)

Club Membership Fees:
Club membership is $40.00 per year
We provide gear rentals, tank inspections, air fills and much, much more. 

Club Information:
We certify primarily through ACUC and teach all courses from Open Water to Instructor.  
The Open Water Course is the first step in becoming a certified SCUBA Diver. Upon completion of this course, you are able to dive up to a recommended depth of 60 feet with a dive buddy of a minimum of the equivalent certification. It takes approximately four weeks to complete this course.

We host many activities throughout the year such as Underwater Pumpkin Carving, Christmas Tree Decorating, BBQs, and Wreck Diving and so on. We organize trips that go anywhere from Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario all the way to Newfoundland.   

For more information please drop by the club (located behind the Base Gym) during our regular hours. You can also visit the recreation office or base gym front desk for one of our pamphlets.

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