Adult Bubble Soccer

Adult Bubble Soccer

PSP’s Bubble Soccer Program utilizes giant inflatable bubbles to run and bump into one another while playing soccer. Steal the ball, get the goal and send your opponents flying across the court! This unique game is the perfect opportunity to make new friends or hang out with old friends and laughing hysterically as they bounce around the field. All skill levels are welcome at Bubble Soccer!

⇒ Important notes for you to know before attending our sessions:

  • All equipment will be provided on-site
  • No gender requirements
  • All participants are required to sign waivers online (as well as drop-in) before they play (through the online registration process)
  • Players are asked to monitor their own substitutions to ensure equal playing time for all players
  • Please attempt to divide yourselves by skill level 
  • Be friendly, meet cool people and have FUN!
Start End Sessions Day Time No Session Dates Location
TBD TBD 10 Thursday 1930-2100 TBD Fieldhouse 1 & 2
Who: Ages 18+

  • $50 + tax for Rec Members
  • $75 + tax for Non Members
  • Drop in rate $7/session Rec Members & $10/session Non Members

Registration will be available at the Rec Admin Office and/or online for Rec Members;
Registration opens TBD

Program Contact Information:
Jessica Davis, 422-2000 EXT 7902 or

Follow us on Facebook @ PSP Gagetown for updates

Bubble Soccer General Rules
1. Players’ Responsibilities
Players competing in Bubble Soccer games hosted by PSP Gagetown are expected to read all rules contained herein. If there are any rules that you are unclear on, they should be discussed with the assigned PSP Rec Staff before the start of the game, or addressed with Community Recreation Supervisor by calling 422-2000 X7902. Because of time constraints, staff will not discuss rules and/or rulings during the game.
2. Player Conduct
a. Players are expected to conduct themselves in a way that is respectful to themselves, other players and staff. Good sportsmanlike conduct is always expected. Any behavior deemed inappropriate by staff will not be allowed. After a warning, a second offense will cause a player to be ejected from the game and their team will have to continue on a man down. This applies to off court conduct as well.
b. Trash Talking – While we believe that friendly competition is an essential part of any game play, excessive profanity or disrespectful comments is not accepted and after a warning a second offense will cause a player to be immediately ejected from game play. Keep it clean.
c. Bubble Balls MUST be properly secured to your body using the tie-straps inside the ball. This is for your own safety as well as the safety of others.
d. When indoors, Bubble Balls must remain in the Gymnasium – they do not fit through standard door frames.
e. No Illegal hits or tackles
  • Players cannot knock down a player without ball
  • Preventing a Bubble Baller from getting up
  • Tripping
  • Grabbing
  • Kicking
3. Duration of the Game
The match lasts (4) periods of (12) minutes each with a (5) minutes “half-time” break in between set 2-3, unless otherwise mutually agreed between the two participating teams. Any agreement to alter the periods of play (for example to reduce each period to 10 minutes because of insufficient number of players) must be made before the start of play and must comply with competition rules.
  • Time is not stopped for out of bounds but only for time outs and injuries.
4. The Start and Restart of Play
 At the beginning of the match, both teams will line up on the “baseline” closest to their goal.  The assigned staff will place the ball in the middle of the field and blow the whistle once to begin play.  This start will occur at the beginning of the game and the second half, as well as after each goal scored.
 5. The Ball in and out of Play
 Staff will not stop play if a ball goes out of bounds. The ball is still “active,” unless it goes out of bounds near spectators or other obstructions which could cause a hazard to player or spectator’s safety. Players (or staff) will call “play on” to indicate to other players that the ball is active once retrieved from out-of-bounds.
6. Equipment and Attire
Comfortable Clothing (T-Shirts are preferred because the straps can rub against the skin around the shoulders) Clothing with Zippers or Spikes
Closed Shoes/Athletic Shoes Cleats or Spiked Shoes/Sandals
Hair Tied Up Hair Barrettes or Bobby Pins
Contacts or Prescription Goggles Sunglasses
  Jewelry - Earrings, Watches, Necklaces (irremovable jewelry must be covered and secure)
Each player must be in a “Bubble Soccer” prior to stepping on the field/court.  The equipment shall be worn fully-inflated and over the shoulders with shoulder straps that are snug to ensure that the player is secured tightly inside the ball.
“On the Ground Rule:”
Players who are knocked to the ground during play must be allowed to get up before being contacted again by the opposing team. It is critical that players not be hit while on the ground and be allowed to get up. 
7. Number of Players
Ideally, each team will consist of 10 players. Substitutions are allowed when necessary. Ideally bubble soccer games will be played by teams of 5. In the event that there are not 5 per team available to play, then the game can be played by any even number of players. Consult the staff if there are fewer than 5 available.
  • Substitutions made on the fly any time or during stoppage of play.
  • There is no goal keeper.
8. Scoring
A Bubble Baller scores a goal by kicking the ball into the net = 1 point.