Volunteers Heart of our organization

The New Brunswick MFRC involves volunteers in many aspects of our programs and we find ways to engage people throughout the community.  Our volunteers learn new skills, share talents, build references and make connections.   Volunteers are the heart of our organization.  It is our ambition to make sure anyone who gives their time to us feels valued, understood and proud to be part of The New Brunwick MFRC Volunteer Team.


"I love volunteering for the MFRC. It's a great way to meet new people, learn something new and get involved! The team is very warm and welcoming and the programs have been wonderful to be a part of. So happy to be part of something that brings our military family together!"
~Meghan Murphy, Crocheting and Knitting Club Facilitator, Volunteer since Jan 2016

"Volunteering with the MFRC has been a wonderful experience. They provide guidance but also allow creative freedom. They trust your instincts and vision which is a huge self confidence boost. I feel that since moving to a new province, being a part of the volunteering tribe has given me purpose and joy." 
~Melissa Hawthorne, Book Club Facilitator, Volunteer Since August 2016