Emergency & Respite Care

Emergency & Respite Care

The Gagetown MFRC offers services to support Emergency Child Care.

There are several programs and policies in place to help support you and your family in times of need by providing assistance in either accessing child care or covering some of the additional costs of unanticipated child care expense. Depending on your situation, you may qualify for any of the following:

If your family requires Emergency Child Care connect with the Gagetown MFRC. Staff may support your family during a challenging situation by facilitating your access to supports and services to help you address your short-term emergency child care needs. The Gagetown MFRC can provide an Emergency childcare through our Full-time childcare, casual childcare or a Home Health Agency. Each case is unique and will be assessed individually.

Canadian Armed Forces families will be supported by Emergency Child Care services under many unique circumstances including;

  • When the Canadian Armed Forces member must report for duty on short notice, or is away on tasking and neither their primary or secondary caregiver identified on their Family Care Plan is available to care for their children.
  • When your family requires emergency respite child care while the Canadian Armed Forces member is away, for essential health and well-being;
  • When the Canadian Armed Forces member requires emergency short-term child care to secure essential necessities that have not already covered through IRP within three months after posting;
  • When the Canadian Armed Forces member or any member of your family has been seriously ill or injured; or when a member of the family has died;
  • Requests for Emergency Child Care are approved at the discretion of your local Military Family Resource Centre Executive Director.

To learn more about Emergency Child Care eligibility, funding, reference documents and options for your family call the Family Information Line at 1-800-866-4546.

How do I access Emergency Child Care?
To access the Emergency Child Care service, Mondays to Fridays 8am - 4pm, call our reception team at (506) 422-3352.

After hours (Mondays to Fridays 4pm – 8am, and weekends & holidays), contact the Base Duty Officer at (506) 422-1491 and ask to have the Duty Padre call you back.

Who will look after my children?
GMFRC will access GMFRC Casual Child Care, GMFRC Child Care Centre, or a home health agency to care for your child/ren.

I don't need Emergency Child Care but I am looking for regular child care!
The GMFRC has a list of licensed Day Cares and Community Day Care Homes in the Oromocto & Fredericton Region.

We also have a Babysitting Binder of unscreened adult and youth child care providers in the area - available from our reception. 

Note - it is the parent's responsibility to satisfy themselves concerning the competence of a particular provider. The Gagetown Military Family Resource Centre (including staff, volunteers and the Board of Directors), make no claim or representation with respect to the fitness and suitability of childcare providers who have chosen to advertise their services in the binder.


What is the Emergency Respite Child Care Service?
The Emergency Respite Child Care service has been implemented to "support family well-being of deployed CAF members and relieve some of the stressors related to child care".

To provide the spouse/caregiver of a CAF member with emergency respite child care when the CAF member is away on duty.
  • Emergency respite child care is available to CAF families when it has been determined that a period of respite is absolutely essential for the family's continued health and well-being, (i.e. critical to the mental health of the child or caregiver).
  • C/MFRCs are authorized to provide (need not be continuous) emergency respite child care.
  • Families in need of ongoing emergency respite care (i.e. long term physical and /or mental disability) are required to develop a plan.
How do I access Emergency Respite Child Care?
To access Emergency Respite Child Care, call the Gagetown MFRC reception at
(506) 422-3352 and ask for the Emergency Child Care Administrator.

Who will look after my children?
GMFRC will access GMFRC Casual Child Care, GMFRC Child Care Centre, or a home health agency to care for your children.