Karibou Program

Karibou Program 1 to 5 years

Designed specifically to meet the needs of children aged 1 to 5 years. Karibou stimulates their motor and social skills with equipment adapted and suited to toddlers. Introduce your child to sports and physical activities with Karibou!

Why choose Karibou?

  • Guaranteed quality program developed and approved by motor skill specialists for children
  • Certified instructors, trained specifically for the Karibou program
  • Fun universe with songs, games and crafts
  • Made to measure equipment and activities for the child’s age group
  • Perfect occasion to be a role model to your child and teach him the pleasure and the importance of moving.
Start  End  #Sessions Day Time No Session Location
TBD TBD 10 Saturday See Table
  Base Fitness
$49.57 (HST included) Recreation-Association Member
$74.64 (HST included) Non-member

Registration TBD

Registration is available at the Recreation Association Office and/or online for Recreation Association Members.

Saturday Group Age
0900-0950 Cheeky Chicks 12-16 months
  Bouncing Bunnies 16-20 months
  Rascally Racoons 20-24 months
1000-1050 Buddy Bears 2-2.5 years
  Wonder Wolves 2.5-3 years
1100-1150 Feisty Foxes 3-4 years
  Energetic Eagles 4.5 years
All participants MUST sign-in at the Front Desk and present their Recreation Association Membership Card (if applicable).

More information about the Karibou Program can be found on the Karibou website!

Program Contact Information:
Alyssa Matetich, 422-2000 EXT 7902 or Matetich.Alyssa@cfmws.com

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