Ball Hockey

Ball Hockey

PSP’s Ball Hockey for Youth Program focuses on skill development, being active and having fun!

Participation and teams will vary each night depending on who shows up to play! Jerseys, sticks and goggles will be supplied.

Players cannot bring their own sticks! All skill levels are welcome at our Ball Hockey programs!

How the sessions run:

✔️All sessions are coed “pickup” style games overseen by PSP Recreation Leaders.
✔️No assigned team’s week to week.
✔️This is a not a structured skills and drills program.
✔️Warm-up, rules and picking teams for 5 first minutes of timing.
✔️Recreation Leaders will ensure teams are fair and ensure rules are followed.
✔️Players will be moved as required to keep teams fair and games competitive.
✔️Fun and safety are the objective with this program.
✔️In case of inclement weather, additional timings will be added towards the end of the program.

Rules for games:
  1. Sticks are not allowed above the hip.
  2. No tripping, slashing, slap shots, or stick work of any kind.
  3. No jewelry when playing.
  4. When the ball goes out of the field house only PSP or parent can get the ball.
  5. When the kids are waiting to play they have to sit on the benches with their teammates
    (not allowed to play with the dividers). 
  6. Kids need to listen to the PSP Staff who blows the whistle.
  7. PSP staff will make trades as necessary to ensure games are fair.
  8. PSP staff will not be call off sides or keep track of goals.
  9. Anyone not following the rules will be asked to leave.
  10. Goggles must be worn during games.
  11. No personal gear to be used, only PSP issued gear will be used.
Start End #Sessions Day Time No Session Location
Sept 29 Nov 24 8 Sunday Age 5-7 @1500-1600
Age 8-12 @ 1600-1715
Oct 13 Fieldhouse 3
  • $25 (+HST) Recreation-Association Members
  • $45 (+HST) Non-Recreation Association Members

Registration: Sign-in at the reception desk will be required by all participants, each session.

Program Contact Information:
Alyssa Matetich, 422-2000 EXT 7902 or

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