Fitness Centre

Fitness Centre

PSP Recreation Gagetown

Base Fitness Centre

The Gagetown Base Fitness Centre is located in Building M-2. A major renovation / expansion of the facilities began in October 1999 and was completed in December 2000.

Additions include a 200 metre indoor track, three squash courts and a wading pool with a water slide. Renovations were also done to the existing facilities.

Indoor Facilities:

Gymnasium                                           Swimming Pool 
Fitness Room                                        Sauna 
Bowling Alley                                         Weight Room 
Climbing Wall                                        Tennis Courts 
Cardio Room                                         Combat Training Room 
Fieldhouse                                             Family Change Room 

Military personnel have access to the base fitness centre with their military i.d. All military personnel using these facilities MUST show identification to the PSP staff at the reception counter. 

Access to these facilities can be achieved by acquiring a Recreation Association Membership for dependants/civilians or by paying a drop-in fee.

Adjacent to the gymnasium are beautifully prepared jogging and cross-country ski trails.