Recreation Membership

Recreation Membership


Recreation Association Membership Fees & Categories

Membership Category 12 Month 6 Months 3 Months
Regular Single $129.04 $79.70 $43.69
Regular Single Parent $159.83 $98.30 $53.52
Regular Family $214.04 $133.27 $74.53
Ordinary Single $158.41 $98.30 $53.52
Ordinary Single Parent $201.00 $131.06 $67.75
Ordinary Family $275.64 $171.47 $92.87
Associate Single $327.67 $204.23 $110.32
Associate Single Parent $469.63 $288.37 $155.10
Associate Family $646.03 $400.83 $216.25
Corporate Single $299.23 $186.78 $101.60
Corporate Single Parent $435.80 $273.06 $144.18
Corporate Family $584.31 $364.64 $196.61
*These rates are effective May 1, 2019.  
Methods of payment: Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express

Military: PLC card needed for allotments. 

Monthly pay deductions are available for a one year membership for regular serving military members posted to this location and NPF employees only.


CAF member and their dependents currently serving
CAF member and their dependents completing Basic Training
CAF member and their dependents Reserve Force
CAF member and their dependents Retired
Foreign military member and their dependents serving with the CAF

Note: Only currently serving CAF members, posted to this location, can pay for their membership by pay deduction. Military i.d. and PLC card required at time of registration.

Other acceptable ID in the Regular category also includes:​
*    CF One card with either CF Member or Veteran indicated on it plus one other piece of photo ID
*    Release papers are also acceptable with photo ID
*    Retired Military must show Government Proof of Service Card

must show proof by one of the following:

-MPRR shows proof of all dependents
-Provide pieces of ID such at both driver's licences with same home address 
-Military Form / Request showing common-law has been recognized by the military.

Current DND Public Servants and their dependents
Base Commissioners and their dependents
Current Staff of the Non-Public Funds (NPF) and their dependents
Current Staff of Military Family Resource Centres (MFRCs)
Current Staff of Defence Research and Development Canada and Defence Construction Canada
Currently enlisted RCMP Officer and retired and their dependents
Honorary Colonels/Captains (N) and Honorary Lieutenant Colonels / Commanders
Former Staff of NPF receiving a pension
Former RCMP in receipt of an annuity
Border Services Employee

Individuals in this category must show official ID card, RCMP badge, Proof of Service Card, Proof of Employment document, Proof of Pension document

Anyone not belonging to the above two membership groups. Subject to approval of the Community Recreation Director.

All adults (16+) in this membership group require three pieces of identification:
*    One Federal piece of ID. (SIN, Passport, Firearms)
*    Two Provincial pieces of ID. (Medicare card, Driver's Licence, Birth Certificate)

Individuals under 16 must show one provincially issued ID, usually Medicare card. 

For more information, please contact the PSP Recreation Association Office:
506-422-2000 local 2749 or 
Recreation Association Office Hours of operation: 

0900 hrs - 1630 hrs & 1730 hrs - 2000 hrs, Monday to Thursday
0900 hrs - 1300 hrs & 1400 hrs - 1600 hrs Friday
CLOSED : Saturday 
CLOSED : Sunday 

Fitness Centre Hours of Operation for Recreation Association Members:

Monday to Friday:
0530 hrs - 0900 hrs : Military Only
0900 hrs - 2200 hrs: Military and Recreation Association Members
Saturday & Sunday:
0800 hrs - 2200 hrs: Military and Recreation Association Members

1200 hrs - 1700 hrs: Military and Recreation Association Members

For more information, please contact the PSP Recreation Association Office:
506-422-2000 local 2749 or

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