This page was created to highlight resources available to assist the Gagetown military community during isolation periods. For more information contact Health Promotion at (506)422-2000 ext. 4173 or


Gagetown Physical Fitness Isolation Challenge
⇒ Each day complete the fitness challenge(s). Submit your photo of the completed challenge to for a chance to win a prize. 

14 Day Isolation PSP Workout Program
⇒ Your guide to daily workouts while in isolation.

PSP Virtual Fitness
⇒ Join live sessions with the PSP Fitness instructors at a convenient time that works for you and get moving.

PSP Virtual Health Promotion
⇒ Your CAF Health Promotion Team has put together webinars to help you stay healthy.

DFIT - Defence Fitness
⇒ Take your training to the next level.


Gagetown Emotional Fitness Isolation Challenge 
⇒ During your 14-day isolation period, challenge yourself by completing as many of the following challenges that focus on your mental and emotional fitness. Complete as many as you would like, at your own pace. If you really enjoy one of the challenges, repeat it. Email and tell us your favourite challenge for a chance to win a prize. 

PSP Virtual Health Promotion
⇒ Learn more about mental fitness. Your CAF Health Promotion Team has put together webinars to help you stay healthy. 

Mental Health in the CAF
⇒ There are many services and programs available to provide you with the help you need.

Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR)
⇒ Download the Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) App. A bilingual mobile training tool developed to improve short-term performance and long-term mental health outcomes. 

Wellness Together Canada
 Mental health and substance use support. 


PSP Virtual Recreation
 The National Recreation Team has prepared a fun variety of virtual activities for you.

Mental Health During COVID-19
 Suggestions that may help you through this challenging time. 

Quarantine and Isolation
 Mental health advice tailored to those experiencing a wide range of feelings due to the effects of isolation. 

Effective Communication Tips Series
 Learn effective communication to stay Mission: Ready. Check out PSP Gagetown Health Promotion’s YouTube series for tips on effective communication.


CAF Virtual Library
 The Canadian Armed Forces Virtual Library (CAFVL) offers DND and CAF member access to a wide selection of digital books, audiobooks, magazines and newspapers for free. CAFVL resources are available directly from DND workstations on DWAN or via the Internet. For access instructions, click here.

NB Electronic Library
 New Brunswick public library give you access to thousands of digital books, magazines and newspapers for free. The online registration will allow you to download online resources on your PC, Mac, eReader or mobile device. For access instructions and how to request a library card, click here.

The Defense Learning Network (DLN) 
 The DLN provides an online learning management platform for DND employees and CAF members. This continuous learning platform allows members to learn at their own pace and manage their learning. The DLN can be accessed through the Defense Wide Area Network (DWAN) or via the Internet. For access instructions, click here.

SISIP Financial
 SISIP offers knowledge and experience to help you make the right choices when it comes to your finances. To access available resources, click here.


MFS/MFRC Virtual Programming Schedule 
 Stay connected by participating in the wide variety of virtual programming offered by MFS and your local NBMFRC. Follow us on Facebook 

⇒ Ensure your family is fully supported and prepared for your time in isolation by reaching out to the Military Lifestyle Coordinator at your NBMFRC at 506-422-3352.


 Contact a Chaplain near you. Base Gagetown Chaplains 422-2000 (Day); 422-1491 (After Hours) 

  My Spiritual Growth 

 Do you have questions about religion or spirituality? To find out more,  click here.

Explore the Gagetown Resource Aide Mémoire for a full list of local resources or to find other programs and services related to your concern or need.