PSP Reconditioning Program

In 2004 the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) identified that physical injuries along with physical inactivity and depression were the major factors limiting CAF personnel from being able to deploy. In response to these findings and the recognition that PSP did not have the resources to offer fitness programs to members limited by their injuries and/or illnesses, the PSP Reconditioning Program was created.

This program is staffed by Physical Exercise Specialists (PES) at every base and wing as well as eight regional resources, Regional Adapted Fitness Specialist (RAFS) throughout the country. Now well established this fitness program will provide ill and injured serving members (reserve and regular force) with professionally directed physical training (PT).

The goal of this fitness program is to increase the fitness level of each member taking into account physical limitations and medical conditions. This is done in collaboration with relevant health care providers to ensure a safe and effective fitness plan.

To participate in this program CAF Health Services must note that members are safe to participate in professionally directed PT on their medical chit.

This program is focused on achieving personal fitness goals as well as operational fitness goals. Each fitness plan will be individualized for each member and could include one-on-one personal training sessions, modified group sessions, recreational activities, sports and health promotion courses.

Once a fitness plan is established both progress and attendance will be monitored until goals are met.

For more information on the benefits of the PSP Reconditioning Program please contact your local PSP staff. Consult with your CAF health care professional to participate.

For information, contact the Physical Exercise Specialist at (709) 256-1703 Ext 1465.

Please also visit DFIT and/or CAFconnection