Health Promotion

Health Promotion

Health Promotion/PSP

What programs are available to you?

Health Promotion at 9 Wing has a variety of programs available to individuals and groups who are interested in taking control of their health and wellbeing.  Health promotion is preventative health care, meaning we educate and help individuals to get healthy and stay healthy before illness or injury sets in.

9 Wing Health Promotion offers many programs to individuals and units who would like to learn more about healthy living.  We cover a wide variety of topics from four CORE areas of Health: Social Wellbeing, Addictions Awareness, Nutritional Health and Injury Prevention/ Active Living.

The following are programs offered by your Health Promotion Director:
ADDICTIONS:  Butt Out Smoking Cessation Program
                         Substance Abuse 101
                         DWI and Blood Alcohol
                         Hosting safe parties
                         Illegal Drug use
                         Prescription and over the counter medication
                         Problem Gambling
                         Gaming Addiction
                         Enabling Addiction
                         Supervisors Training for Addiction Awareness
SOCIAL:           Managing Angry Moments
                         Stress:  Take Charge
                         Mental Fitness and Suicide Awareness
                         Inter Communication
NUTRITION:    Weight Wellness Lifestyle
                         Top Fuel for Top Performance
​                         Injury Reduction Strategies in Sports and Physical Activity
                         Sport Performance Enhancers
OTHER:    Respect in the CAF 

Call: Sharon Canning at local 1469 or email to book a training session.