Covid Terms & Conditions for Gym

Terms and conditions agreement for Gym Use starting October 28th 2020 Please Read the following information and sign your name as accepting these terms and conditons

You must answer the COVID questionnaire/Self-Assessment before arriving at the facility. If you answer yes to any of the questions, please cancel your workout and work on you getting better!

Members will be required to obey all signage and physical distancing guidelines while in the facility and use appropriate hand washing and/or sanitization as required.

All users entering the building must be wearing a mask/face covering and must sanitize their hands when they enter the building.

All users entering the building will be REQUIRED to scan both INTO the facility, and scan OUT. If you have lost or forgotten your card, please SIGN IN at the front desk. Scanning in/out ensures we have an accurate time for all users in the facility should there be a requirement for contact tracing.

Members are requested to report to the facility for the time that was booked on simplybook, and to leave upon completion of their workout, and cleaning of equipment.

Members on arrival will take a spray bottle of disinfectant, and a cloth to clean equipment before using (if they choose), but it is MANDATORY to clean equipment after use.

Change rooms are open, however there is a strict physical 2M distance that is required to be maintained at all times while in the change room.

As showers are now open, please be sure to follow all signage and guidelines within the facility. You will need to take your bottle of sanitizer and cloth with you, to disinfect the shower after you are done.

Masks are to be worn throughout the facility and may only come off when showering, and or once you arrive at your workout station. Equipment MUST be cleaned thoroughly and clean any areas that sweat or other vapour particles have landed.

In weight rooms, we ask users to be considerate and build their workout two or three pieces of equipment in a set. Once set is complete ensure all equipment is cleaned before moving to the next set. Cooperation will be the key to success!

Weightlifters who aren’t working out with a ‘bubble buddy’ should ensure the weights they are lifting do not require a spotter. If they do, a mask will be required.

Spray bottle and used cloth will be returned to a designated area once complete.