Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Board of Directors


What is the Board of Directors?
The Board of Directors shall be comprised of a minimum of 51% volunteer civilian family members of Canadian Forces members, with volunteer military members and other community members making up the reminder. The Board Members may appoint Ex-Officio representatives to support the work of the Board of Directors. This will include the 9 Wing Commanding Officer or a member of the senior command staff. With Board concurrence, the 9 Wing Commanding Officer may also designate a non-voting civilian member to sit on the Board and act as an adviser regarding local family matters.

Responsibilities of the members include:
• A commitment to the work of the GMFRC.
• A commitment to set board policies in keeping with our mission and vision.
• An understanding that the Board offers strategic direction and support to the Executive Director.
• Attendance of Board members at monthly meetings and the Annual General Meeting.
• An understanding of the confidentiality of all Board business.

Why Become a Board Member? 
• To give a voice to the needs of our military families.
• To help set the strategic goals GMFRC and ensure a strong GMFRC.
• Volunteering builds a healthy and strong community.
• To focus on areas that interest you through committee work.
• To gain experience for professional and volunteer references.

Your Current Board of Directors:
Sandra McKellar, Chair
Vice-Chair - Vacant
Secretary - Vacant
Gerri Martin, Treasurer

Members at Large:
Heather Heim
Stefany Squires
Natasha Appolloni
Wendy Secord
Felix Tachie
Laura Lascelle
Kristin Gillis
Nichole Duplantie

MWO Lori Ann Kelly, 9 Wing Representative
Captain Shawn King, 9 Wing Representative
Peggy Blake, GMFRC Executive Director

Are you interested in becoming a member of our Board of Directors? Contact the MFRC at 256-1703 loc. 1206 for more information.